BIRD R&D division can interact with customers to develop special products, according to particular needs, although not included in the product list. Thanks to a sound and long-lasting experience in molecular diagnostics, we are able to quickly develop kits, protocols and reagents for the detection of pathogens, gene mutations or expression profiles on the main platforms of molecular diagnostics:
PCR, Real-Time PCR, sequencing, microarrays,
beads arrays.
Thanks to this formula, we can cover a virtually unlimited range of niche applications and experimental diagnostics, merging flexibility and customization with
industrial criteria of quality and standardization.
A direct collaboration with customers often results in long-lasting partnerships.
The request for custom product development can be activated by direct contact with BIRD after a preliminary interaction with our agents in the area. We believe that molecular diagnostics, that has today become an established diagnostic tool in the clinical laboratory, is still far from having expressed its full potential, either in terms of technology and application range. That is the reason why we consider the proposals of our customers as a way to broaden the list of useful applications, based and still unmet on real needs stemming from the clinical setting.